Shop Services

Comercial Air Fills and Delivery

Are you a dive professional?  Do you hate filling, hauling, and caring for tanks?

Nitrox Available

We offer complete round-trip tank fills, delivery, and pickups to Kewalo Basin Everyday!

Hydrostatic Inspection

All compressed gas cylinders must under go a Hydrostatic Inspection every 3-5 years.  Hawaiian Diving Adventures is the only shop on Oahu that does hydros in house!  We do the testing, no shipping and waiting!

Visual Inspection

Scuba cylinders should be inspected visually at lease once a year.

Bring it in! We'll give it a fresh VIP and fill

Tumbling and valve servicing also available

Our shop is not a store: it's a workshop.  We can take care of just about any piece of gear.

Call (808) 232-3193 for more info.