Depth 70'-120'

The Seatiger is an amazing wreck!  Right on the edge between the reefs and the open ocean, we see everything here.  Great for hardcore wreck divers, underwater photography, and just a cool dive experience.  An amazing dive on Oahu, not to be missed!

Legend holds that the Seatiger appeared early one Sunday morning.  She sailed into Honolulu harbor without permission and tried to dock at Aloha Tower.  The one on duty harbor police officer that day went to investigate, opening the hatches and out ran nearly 100 illegal immigrants.  He shouted "STOP" and they did; they were all subsequently deported back to Asia.  The ship, after being impounded, languished in various harbors.  She was purchased and abandoned many times until Voyager Submarines purchased her for $1 and sank her in 1999 as part of their dive site.  Voyager is no longer around, but the ship still is.

We see everything on the Seatiger: turtles, sharks, eels, octopus, and nudibranchs are not uncommon.  We also get buzzed by pelagic animals such as mahi mahi, ono, tuna, dolphins, and, if we're lucky, whales!