Private Charters

Private Charters

Hawaiian Diving Adventures offers private charters.

Club New Year’s Dive

Most of our days are spent taking people out diving and snorkeling.  These people book in small groups, ones, twos, and threes.  We put them together on a small boat and everyone is cordial and friendly…but not friends.  This is what makes private charters so much fun.  When a club, group, or family charters out the entire boat, the social dynamic is quite different and often quite enjoyable.

Austin with too much gear

Private charters are a chance for us to do things that are out of the ordinary.  Usually we will take clubs, like Hawaiian Diving Adventures out for different types of dives than what most local divers do on a day to day basis.  Recently we have done exploratory dives, splashing in where nobody has gone before and we have located some cool new reefs that are still largely unexplored.  We often find strange things underwater too.

Fish Prisons

Private charters go beyond just diving too.  We have done birthday parties, whale watches, weddings, and just joy rides on the boat.  We have even done a couple of ash scatterings, while not fun in the same sense it is quite rewarding to assist grieving families like that.

All of today’s pictures are from private charter days.  You can find them and more at our Facebook page If your club or family would like to go out on a private charter, please call us (808) 232-3193.  Even if you don’t have a specific activity in mind, we can tailor a voyage on the Kilikina that is guaranteed to be a blast.