Horseshoe Reef

Depth 35'-60'

In spite of its name, Horseshoe Reef is not shaped like a horseshoe.  Think of more of an italicized capital H.  Horseshoe is one of the best reef dives that we have.

This reef is a staff favorite for diving on Oahu.  Nudibranchs, schooling fish, octopus are all common on Horseshoe reef.

Horseshoe reef is shallow enough for first time divers, and it extends into deeper water for the more experienced diver.  This is a great place to look for different kinds of eels, such as the rare and beautiful dragon moray.

The secret of Horseshoe reef is about 100' east of the main reef.  This second reef is known by many names: mini-horseshoe, secrets, and rattlesnake gulch to name a few.  Whatever you call it, this is where the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles like to hang out.  We often see as many as 7 or 8 turtles in this one small spot on the reef.

If you can get away from the turtles for a minute, look under the ledges in this area too for small reef sharks sleeping the shadows.