Dive Sites

People constantly ask us about where we'll be diving.  Most of the best spots we visit on a regular basis.  Want to check out a specific site?  Just ask!

The Seatiger (105')

A staff favorite.  The Seatiger was a 168' freighter that was deliberately sunk in 1999.  Close enough to shore for calm conditions, but far enough offshore for pelagics.  We've seen almost every animal here: from small Reef fish to Turtles, Sharks to Dolphins, Mahi mahi and Ono, Ahi and even Whales.

 YO-257  (100')

The largest artificial reef in Hawaii.  The YO-257 is an old navy ship built during WW2 and sunk by Atlantis Submarines for their tours in 1989.  Strong currents make this dive site unpredictable for us but they feed the large number of animals that make this wreck home.

Horseshoe Reef (35'-60')

This spot is great.  The variety of sea life is amazing: Frog fish, Octopus, Nudis, Scorpion fish, Moray Eels.  I can go on and on, perfect for divers of all skill levels.

Kewalo Pipe (30'-50')

A large unused pipe with a lot of invertebrates and reef fish. Easy to navigate, good for macro photography.

Ewa Reef (40'-60')

A  smaller reef set off from the others.  This site sees fewer divers and is always an interesting dive.  Great coral growth.

Nautilus Reef (30'-40')

This reef is one of many fingers of reef off of Ala Moana.  Known for large schools of reef fish and occasionally small reef sharks and turtles.  Watch out for the Wana.

 Rainbow Reef (30'-50')

This site was rediscovered by our crew.  Shallow and easy to navigate.  Rainbow is perfect for classes and new divers.

 King Neptune's Throne (50')

Discovered by HDA in 2014, Neptune's is an isolated finger of coral surrounded by sand and rubble.  Off the beaten path, a good site for rare animals.  See if you can guess how we named it.

Turtle Canyon (15'-35')

Turtle canyons is another finger reef system off of Waikiki.  It is a Turtle cleaning station, keep an eye out for one or two or twenty as we cruise this shallow reef.

Shallow D (50'-105')

This site was discovered using LIDAR and explored exclusively by HDA. Shallow D is one of two sea mounts rising from over 100'.  A great spot for Moray Eels, Hawaiian Lion fish, and other rare animals.

Rojo Reef (60')

A fantastic coral garden, the best on the island. Great to for hard to locate animals such as the dragon moray eel, snowflake eel, and many others.  Another HDA Exclusive site.

LCM (60')

A wreck HDA found through the exhausting efforts of our resident wreck hunter.  We know none of the history behind this vehicle or why it's now on the sea floor, but we do know it is an LCM-6, an assault landing craft first designed in WWII and used through the 1960's.

100' Foot Hole (85')

Neither 100' nor a hole, this pile of rocks is off the beaten path for most dive boats.  A great place to look for sharks and some of the rarer invertebrates.


We will keep this list updated as we are constantly exploring and developing new sites!  Join the Dive club and come on our next exploration dive.