Dive Naked

That’s right, I said Diving Naked.
Actually, people have been diving naked into the ocean for a very long time.  Sponge fishermen in the Mediterranean and Ama fisherwomen from Japan have all traditionally worn no clothing when in the water. And it makes sense considering that clothing creates drag that a breath hold diver must expend more energy to overcome.  However, in today’s scuba world people mostly dive naked for tradition and for fun.
Their are at least two traditional times to dive nude. On one’s birthday, he dives in his birthday suit; and on one’s 100th dive he should likewise be nude. Any milestone dive i.e. 50, 100, 500, 1000 etc., can and has also been used as an excuse to dive naked.
Naked diving can be quite a lot of fun, certainly good for a laugh from the other people on the boat.  But, I would recommend following some simple guidelines.
1.  Do it in warm water.  This might seem like a no brainer, but if your local dive site is 60 degrees you are not gonna have a good time.
2.  Select appropriate dive gear.  I really like a backplate and wing to dive with, but is that crotch strap gonna be comfortable naked?  Feel free to wear that old jacket style BC on this one, or simply adjust your gear so that it is comfortable even if it isn’t conventional.
3.  Select a good dive buddy.  Some argue to do your hundredth dive with complete strangers, others say only your significant other.  I’d suggest one or two close friends.  You want someone along who will verify the story later and doesn’t mind looking at you naked.  Even if you are shy, you’ve still got to try it, but be sure never to dive alone. Maybe a craigslist ad?  Wanted– one dive buddy for a naked dive.  Must not be judgmental and doesn’t know anyone I do.
4.  Cameras!  This is up to you.  Some say “no pictures, no proof”, but how many of us are ready to star in an underwater porno.  Whether or not to bring cameras or take pictures is completely up to you and sort of relates to picking a good dive buddy.
5.  Watch out for stingers.  You may not be able to see every little stinging cell in the water, but be ready for them.  Keep a constant vigil on the water around you and avoid stinging creatures like jellyfish, anemones, and corals.  Think about limiting naked dive times in order to reduce your exposure to these animals.
Diving naked is certainly a good time and a great break from the diving routine.   I’d recommend trying it at least once; you are bound to get a good story out of it.