Certified Dives

For Certified Divers we have two options.

A Deep Wreck and Shallow dive for experienced divers
Two Shallow Reef dives for a more casual experience.

Starting at $120

  • 2 boat dives, usually to a Wreck followed by a Reef dive
  • Oriented toward more experienced divers
  • Small groups, Uncrowded boat
  • Many Deeper dive sites to choose from, including Hawaiian Diving Adventures exclusive spots!
  • 2 boat dives to Shallow Reefs, 30 - 60 feet deep
  • Perfect for newer divers and those looking for an easier, more casual dive experience
  • Small groups, Uncrowded boat
  • Perfect for Photography, these reefs have better natural light and longer bottom times
scuba diver and turtle off waikiki

Deep Dives

For the more advanced crowd we have an early morning dive charter. We usually dive one deep wreck around 100’ and a shallower reef for our second dive 40-60’, but with an experienced enough group, the underwater world is at our fingertips. Since the wrecks are a bit farther from shore, we often see more Pelagic Fish, and sometimes even some dolphins and whales! Due to the depths of the wrecks we do request a minimum of 25 dives, preferably Advanced Open Water certification and have been diving in the last year. Our dives are small groups led by an instructor or a divemaster who's primary focus is your safety, comfort, and enjoyment. Large groups of people spook wildlife, we choose not to fill our boat to capacity to ensure the best possible experience.


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Reef Dives

Whether you’re newly certified, you love longer dive times, more natural light for photography or it’s just been a while since you've been diving, our late morning charter is the dive trip for you! We visit two shallow reefs average depth of 40’(12m) where we will find tons of reef fish (25% of which are endemic to Hawaii), eels, octopus, turtles, rays and even sharks! If you are not certified, you can join our Discover Scuba Diving program, where you learn the basics of diving before an instructor takes you out in the ocean. All dives are led by either a Divemaster or Instructor, and will be in small groups to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our divers. Large groups of people spook wildlife, we choose not to fill our boat to capacity to ensure the best possible experience.

scuba diver and turtle off waikiki

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